Glancing at 2015

A few visits at the Basel Zoo, sunny hours in the garden,
strolling around enjoying nature, holidays in the mountains
this is a little glance at my photographic year.
P4120302 P4120373 P4120339 P4120258
P4190791 P4180452 P4120212 P4231385 DxO
P5161644 P5161840 P7090437 P7090413
P7090423 P7090431 P7080279 P7080280
P7120819 P7080284 P7120823 P7080288
P7120830 P7100567 P7110699 P7110721
P8300907 P8300908 P8300910 P9203026
P9202987 P9111166 P9111220 P9111243
P9101082 P9121472 P9162787 PA243140
PA243184 PA253255 P4231406 P4231403
P4231400 P4231396 P3140062-2 P3140062
P3140065 P3140174 P3140176 P3140192
P3140265 P3140281 P3140282 P3140328
P3140403 P3140418 P3140501 P3140518
P3140723 P4230982 2 P4231008 2 P4231252 2
PA303299 PA303300 PA303309 PA303713
PA303803 PA303269 PA303410 PA303650
PA303476 PA303507 PA303532 PA303584
PB033977 PB033983 PB033992 PB034017
PB033919 PB033934 PB033970